Our Job Profiles

Installation date: 02/09/2012

Here is a beautiful pool deck we installed in Indian Hill for the Pooras family. We used our "Random Old English Slate" pattern in "Antique White" color.

Imagine mounting your favorite piece of art on a slab of concrete light enough to hang on any wall!

This is another exclusive Joe Horney design, modified from its predecessor, “the old webbed outdoor chair,” to offer a surprisingly comfortable seat.  These are also theft and weather proof by design (concrete is quite heavy) for those who choose to leave their furniture outside all year round.

Installation date: 12/01/2011

This job consisted of removing the existing concrete driveway and installing new reinforced concrete.  A 4000 PSI air-entrained mix was used with 42# welded wire mesh.  Two existing cast iron drains were replaced with PVC drain boxes and debris traps to prevent clogging. A rolled curb was incorporated to retain the mulch beds.

Installation date: 08/01/2011

This new two-level patio was designed by Don Gilb Landscaping.  It features a free-flowing design that incorporates a trellised sitting area and continues along a large water feature that leads to a separate hot-tub area.  It steps up to an outdoor fireplace with concrete counter tops that complement the colors of this stamped patio.